70. – 75. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boşbırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. 

Sally :-  Have you spoken to Bobby’s parents yet? 
Rose : -  Yes, I have. But it wasn’t a very satisfactory meeting. 
Sally : -  ---- 
Rose : -  Unfortunately not. They seemed determined to put me in the wrong! 

A)  I don’t know what else I can suggest. 
B)  I can believe that. They are not very cooperative; are they? 
C)  That’s no surprise. Everyone knows how difficult they are. 
D)  That’s a shame. Bobby needs help. 
E)  How was that? 

 Ada :-  Are you an orchid-lover? 
Sandra : -  ---- 
Ada : -  I feel the same way about them. I prefer something more natural. 
Sandra : -  Yes; and more graceful. 
A)  All I know about them is that they thrive in 60 per cent humidity and die off if it drops below 40 per cent. 
B)  Yes I am. Orchids are affected usually by air and temperature and draughts. 
C)  No; but I find the stories about their attributes quite fascinating. 
D)  Not really. I suppose they are too exotic for my taste. What about you? 
E)  I certainly am. But I leave the growing of them to the experts. 

Anna :-  Are you in favour of what they now call “educational play”? 
Alan : -  ---- 
Anna : -  I do agree. A child that dislikes school is not likely ever to be successful there. 

A)  How can children learn all they have to learn if they waste so much time playing? 
B)  What exactly is that? 
C)  Yes, I suppose so. As long as it’s not overdone. 
D)  No. I don’t believe in letting children have too much of their own way. 
E)  Yes, I am. It is important to make learning pleasurable. 

 Jane :-  I don’t think we should go to Venice for our holiday this year. 
Steve : -  Have you been reading that disturbing article on how Venice is sinking? 
Jane : -  ---- 
Steve : -  I know. It’s also in danger because sea levels are rising. 

A)  No. Should I? 
B)  Yes, I have. And it’s not simply that Venice is sinking. 
C)  Yes. But I think it grossly over-emphasizes the danger, don’t you? 
D)  Oh, people have been talking about that for years, but it won’t happen, will it? 
E)  Surely they could do something to save the city! 

Brian :-  What is to be learned from the collapse of the viaduct when the tornado hit it? 
Harry : -  Perhaps we should simply admit that we can’t as yet build major structures capable of resisting tornadoes. 
Brian : -  ---- 
Harry : -  I suppose it is. But I believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

A)  After all, it was an unusually violent tornado. 
B)  Are you sure that we can’t? 
C)  Aren’t you overlooking the fact that the anchorbolt systems had started to corrode? 
D)  Perhaps we can develop ways of doing so. 
E)  Isn’t that being rather defeatist? 

 Gail :-  Pat and Nigel seem set on selling their house here and starting a new life in France. 
Rachel : -  Yes, I know. It seems to be quite the fashion now to make a new start. 
Gail : -  ---- 
Rachel : -  I’m not sure that it does. In fact, I sometimes wonder about making a new start myself. 

A)  Have you ever thought of making a fresh start? 
B)  I couldn’t possibly dig up my roots and start again. 
C)  I imagine that very many people come to regret the move! 
D)  True. But it must take a lot of courage. 
E)  I couldn’t do it myself but I sometimes envy those who do. 


70.  B 
71.  D 
72.  E 
73.  B 
74.  E 
75.  D 

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