1. – 15. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 

1. Volcanoes are built by the ---- of their own eruptive products, which are lava, ash flows, airborne ash and dust. 

A) accumulation  B) destruction  C) explosion   D) instability  E) growth 

2. China and India serve as models for Africa because their experiences hold lessons for developing countries on how to manage ---- 
economic and political transformation. 

A) deceitful B) persuasive C) accessible  D) irregular E) gradual 

3. In the largely closed economies of the Gulf, private as well as public funds have ---- turned to real estate and equity markets, fuelling a 
dangerous speculative boom. 

A) unlikely  B) nominally C) rapidly  D) still  E) tightly 

4. Certain nations have ---- the use of prenatal diagnostic techniques to select the sex of an unborn child; but, bribery and human ingenuity 
have made it easy for prospective parents to bypass the statute. 

A) removed B) outlawed C) explored  D) sustained E) retained 

5. Cells convert energy from one form to another and use that energy to ---- various activities, ranging from mechanical work to chemical 

A) turn off  B) use up C) take in  D) carry out E) pick up 

6. The British government ---- details of the next stage of its genetically modified cropfield trials, thus ---- off a now familiar cycle of debate and 

A)  has released / setting 
B)  will release / to set 
C)  would have released / having set 
D)  is releasing / to have set 
E)  released / to be set 

7. Training schemes in the United Kingdom ---- by the government as unemployment ----. 

A)  were encouraged / will have worsened 
B)  would be encouraged / had been worsened 
C)  have been encouraged / has worsened 
D)  had been encouraged / may worsen 
E)  are encouraged / would have worsened 

8. After the Germanic invasions, Celtic cultures, which in pre-Roman times ---- most of Western Europe, ---- almost entirely to the British Isles. 

A)  had covered / were confined 
B)  have been covering / have been confined 
C)  had been covering / would be confined 
D)  have covered / could have been confined 
E)  were covering / had been confined 

9. An Indian drug company has offered to supply an anti-AIDS drug ---- sufferers in developing countries ---- less than one-twentieth of the 
standard cost in the West. 

A) in / to  B) at / over C) with / for  D) to / at  E) on / with 

10. The main attention at the World Economic Forum, when it was not focused ---- China, centred on Africa’s remarkable economic growth ---- the past couple of years. 
A) in / with  B) on / over  C) of / towards  D) by / at E) from / through 

11. In child development, play and exploration are similar ---- they are both intrinsically motivated behaviours and not directed by external goals. 

A) on the other hand B) whereas C) otherwise   D) after  E) since 

12. At present, the European Union imports about one quarter of its gas and one third of its oil from Russia, ---- countries such as Slovakia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic states and the Ukraine are totally or very heavily dependent on Russian energy. 

A) even though B) since  C) whether  D) while  E) in case 

13. Several species of birds in Vietnam vanished during the war, ---- they began to reappear in the 1980s and their gradual return has been 
encouraged by Vietnamese villagers. 

A) but  B) since  C) unless  D) when  E) if 

14. Countries are interested ---- in their absolute economic welfare, ---- in how well they are performing compared to other countries. 

A) both / as well as  B) as / as C) so much / as  D) more / but E) not only / but also 

15. A structural formula is a chemical formula that shows how the atoms are bonded to ---- in a molecule. 

A) another  B) others C) the others  D) each other E) every other

16. – 20. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 

Music educators give us many good reasons for playing. It is said to feed our intelligence and (16) ----our self-esteem. It removes us from the anxieties of daily life, placing us in the curious world of selfexpression, (17) ---- the linear passage of time seems to vanish. Of course, the roots of British musicianship go far deeper than a list of healthy lifestyle tips. Britain’s history has shaped a great diversity of musical traditions, many of which (18) ----flourish. The patchwork of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic nations, the myths of a rural idyll created (19) ----rapid urbanization, the close relationship with America and the immigration from the West Indies, south Asia and Africa – all (20) ---- to the wealth of music literature and recordings.

16.  A) raise  B) appreciate C) afflict  D) represent E) provoke 

17.  A) wherever B) which  C) where  D) how  E) whom 

18.  A) then  B) still  C) thus  D) almost E) too 

19.  A) of  B) in  C) at  D) with  E) by 

20.  A) have contributed B) would contribute C) had contributed D) will contribute E) to have contributed 

21. – 25. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 

Education is both a consumption and an investment good. The (21) ---- of knowledge by reading a book can give pleasure and benefits to an individual equivalent to consuming an ice-cream or seeing a film at the cinema. But education can also help advance in a chosen career (22) ---- success is achieved in specific examinations. If a financial gain is thereby achieved, then the time spent in the educational process (23) ---- seen as an investment. By investing in yourself you hope that your enhanced skills add to your potential earning power in the labour market; your qualifications should help you to compete that much better against those (24) ----qualified for a particular job. As far as an employer is 
concerned, your educational qualification is a means (25) ---- filtering where there is keen competition for a post. 

21.  A) contribution B) exclusion C) obscurity  D) acquisition E) continuation 

22.  A) even so B) since  C) if  D) as if  E) unless 

23.  A) might have been B) would be C) was  D) had been E) can be 

24.  A) as much B) less  C) least  D) the same E) fewer 

25.  A) of  B) by  C) over  D) with  E) through

1.  A 
2.  E
3.  C
4.  B
5.  D
6.  A 
7.  C 
8.  A 
9.  D 
10.  B 
11.  E 
12.  D 
13.  A 
14.  E 
15.  D 
16.  A 
17.  C 
18.  B 
19.  E 
20.  A 
21.  D 
22.  C 
23.  E 
24.  B 
25.  A

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