52. – 57. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz. 

52. Friends are house-hunting and seem set on a certain area near the centre of the town. You don’t think this is a very good area to choose, as it’s noisy and crowded there and prices are higher than in other parts of the town. You offer 
your advice and say: 

A)  I can’t understand why you want to move house. Your present house is very comfortable, isn’t it? 
B)  Have you looked at houses in the suburbs where houses are cheaper and there’s less noise? 
C)  This is not a good time for buying a house; wait for the spring. 
D)  Obviously the nearer you are to the centre of town the easier everything is. 
E)  We’ve lived in the same house for 20 years and are not thinking of a move. 

53. At your son’s school there has been an essaywriting competition. Your son worked very hard on his entry in the competition, researching the material and then organizing it. But, he didn’t get a prize, so he’s very disappointed. You want to console him and say: 

A)  It doesn’t matter. But next time try a bit harder. 
B)  Surely, you must be very upset. 
C)  They should have told you what your faults were. 
D)  Never mind; it was a good essay and I know you did your best. 
E)  I never wanted you to enter the competition; I knew you wouldn’t win. 

54. You hear that a close friend is now in hospital, seriously ill. He’s been complaining about aches and pains and general ill-health for weeks, but you haven’t taken him seriously as you know him as a very healthy individual. You’ve been telling him to ignore the signs and symptoms. Now you realize how wrong you have been; to yourself really, you say: 

A)  How could I have been so blind, so foolish? 
B)  Well, how was I to know? I’m not a doctor. 
C)  I have always shown the right way. 
D)  After all, he didn’t look at all ill. 
E)  I expect he’ll recover pretty soon now that he’s being properly looked after.

55. A young friend has recently started to take piano lessons and is actually making considerable progress. However, she feels depressed because she is not improving as fast as she would like to. As you very well know, her problem is a lack of confidence in herself, so you decide to encourage her and make her keep on with the lessons. You say: 

A)  Have you talked it over with the teacher? What does he advise? 
B)  It’s up to you. If you want to give up the lessons then you had better do so. 
C)  The trouble with you is that you give up far too easily! For once, put up a fight! 
D)  If one is going to play the piano one needs to start at an early age! 
E)  If you aren’t enjoying the lessons, then you’d better give them up. 

56. A friend is continually asking a favour of you. You are tired of making up excuses and giving reasons for not complying. You are now working on a new tactic and are refusing on principle and offering no explanation. To a constant, “but why not?”, you reply: 

A)  I’m refusing. There’s no more to be said. 
B)  I’ve helped you out too many times already. 
C)  I’ve already done a favour and will always be ready to help you again. 
D)  Because I don’t think that, in the long run, it would be doing you a service. 
E)  Well, I suppose I could change my mind

57. You go with a friend to attend an evening party made up almost entirely of opera singers – but you don’t know this until too late. Opera is an artform that affords you no pleasure and you say this rather loudly at some point during the evening. It’s clear that you’ve made a blunder! 
Later, you reproach your friend for not having warned you; you say: 

A)  I’ve never met anyone connected with the opera before, but I really enjoyed being with this group. 
B)  I didn’t realize you had so many friends with a connection with the opera. 
C)  I’m going to go to an opera when next I get a chance. 
D)  You might have told me who they were! It would have saved me no end of embarrassment. 
E)  I’m sorry I offended your friends; but I must say I didn’t really like them

Answer Key
52.  B 
53.  D 
54.  A 
55.  C 
56.  A 
57.  D 

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