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1. – 15. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. The laws concerning the breeding of animals for research could turn out to be to the ---- of medical
A) admission B) detriment C) exclusion  D) preference E) cohesion

2. At present, interest rates are comparatively ----; let’s hope they remain that way.

A) frequent  B) uneasy  C) consecutive  D) comprehensive  E) steady 

3. In some parts of Western Europe, ---- in France, Denmark and Sweden, cohabitation has become
almost as common as marriage.
A) completely B) deceptively C) notably   D) voluntarily E) relatively
4. What are some of the things that differentially affect siblings and help ---- their success or
A) pursue  B) recognize C) recreate  D) determine E) reinstate

5. Solar heating never ---- in the US because of the cost and limited winter sunlight in most areas.
A) caught on B) played up C) turned over  D) waited on E) looked back
6. Having read so many contemporary American writers, I ---- to feel impatient with the kind of
fiction that ---- in England.

A) was beginning / will have been written
B) had begun / has been written
C) have begun / would have been written
D) would begin / is being written
E) began / was being written

7. Cross-border shopping is a fundamental right under EU law and ---- as a form of tax evasion.

A) must not have been regarded
B) had not been regarded
C) should not be regarded
D) would not have been regarded
E) was not being regarded

8. He certainly ---- party members last weekend when he announced that he ---- to regain his
party chairmanship.

A) has shocked / had not sought
B) would have shocked / will not seek
C) had shocked / would not have sought
D) was to shock / is not seeking
E) shocked / would not seek

9. The 1980s ---- a surge of new interest ---- the definition of intelligence.

A) have brought / to be expanding
B) had brought / having expanded
C) were bringing / to have expanded
D) brought / in expanding
E) would have brought / to expand

10. For decades presidents have been coming ---- plans to deal with the fact that one day the world
will run ---- its key source of energy: oil.
A) up with / out of         B) out of / up against         C) down to / away from      D) up for / through
                                                    E) over to/ into
11. Philosophers have debated the relation ---- thought and emotions ---- at least two millennia.
A) from / over     B) over / in          C) between / for          D) in / by
                                                    E) through / to
12. ---- little respect the British people may feel for the monarchy, they are still not likely to change
to a republic.
A) As far as B) Whatever C) Such a  D) However E) Just as
13. All of the world’s major national parks are included on the map, ---- are most of the
important reserves of lesser status.
A) as  B) as well C) such  D) which  E) that

14. His latest novel is about people who take their work seriously, ---- that’s being a mother, a nurse
or a soldier .
A) even so            B) as if             C) unless           D) besides        E) whether 

15. Héviz is Europe’s largest  warm-waterwater lake and visitors can swim there even in winter, ---- helps
extend the tourist season.
A) thus  B) which  C) nor   D) too  E) so
Cevap Anahtarı:
1. B   2. E  3. C  4. D 5. A  6. E  7. C  8. E  9. D  10. A   11. C 12. D   13. A  14. E  15. B

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